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Human rights lawyer Bryan Stevenson represents those who have been abandoned. His clients are people on death row — abused and neglected children who were prosecuted as adults and placed in adult prisons where they were beaten and sexually abused, and mentally disabled people whose illnesses helped land them in prison where their special needs were unmet.

Today he spoke to us about justice in the 21st century:

"The new statistic from the Justice [Department] is really disheartening: The Justice Department is now reporting that one in three black male babies born in the 21st century is expected to go to jail or prison. The statistic for Latino boys is one in six. That statistic was not true in the 20th century. It was not true in the 19th century. It didn’t become true until the 21st century. That means we have enormous work to do to improve our commitment to society that is not haunted and undermined and corrupted by our legacy of racial inequality.”

One Lawyer’s Fight For Young Blacks And ‘Just Mercy’

Photo: Linda Nylind, The Guardian

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“Modern Couture" Daniela De Jesus By Benjamin Kanarek For Elle Vietnam October 2014

Modern Couture" Daniela De Jesus By Benjamin Kanarek For Elle Vietnam October 2014

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Lingerie for men is a thing — and it’s pretty awesome 

Every holiday season, the Angels of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show gallantly spread their wings on the runway for a national TV audience. Who’s to say a man couldn’t don a lace bra and panties and feel just as confident and sexy?

Enter HommeMystere, a Brisbane, Australia-based online store and design studio whose sole mission is to make lingerie that’s “fun, unique and comfortable” for men. In the process, the company and the men who model for them are challenging some of our most entrenched gender stereotypes.

They’ve got “angels” of their own | Follow micdotcom


I need more!
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Why is this not taught universally.

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When relatives/random people im forced to engage with start talking about “”gay people”” like some mysterious unknowable entity


Where do I find this majestic item?!

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You had me at chicken.

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